LT 20 - To Marie Guerin - July 15, 1886

Buissonnets, Thursday, July 15, 1886

My dear Marie,

You're very good for having written to me, and your letter pleased me very much. I am very happy that you're having beautiful trips like the ones you told me about. I was very much in­terested in them.

I was using the swing just now. Marie is afraid that I'm becoming hunchbacked, and she asked Papa to put up the rings and the swing; the rings don't please me as much as the swing; my hands are all red from using them.

We went yesterday to spend the afternoon at Madame Maudelonde's home, and I had a lot of fun with Céline and Hélène. Madame Papinot gave me a holiday for tomorrow in honor of the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel so that I can go to listen to the sermon.

You can see, Marie, that I don't have interesting things to tell you, and I haven't, like you, made a delightful trip that I can share with you. But I trust that in spite of this my poor little letter is going to give you a little bit of pleasure.

Au revoir, dear little Marie. Kiss Aunt and Jeanne for me.

Your little sister, who loves you very much.



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