From Mme La Néele to Léonie - March 1893.

From Mme La Néele to Léonie - March 1893.

Dear little Léonie.

I’ve saved you till last. You are the one who is served last and yet you are the eldest; it is therefore you who should have received my first thank you after my birthday. But I didn’t forget you and I’ve been anxious to reply to your most affectionate wishes. So even though you are the last served you are not the least loved [1 v°] and you will have lost nothing by waiting, first of all because I’m going to have a long chat with you, and secondly because I’m going to reassure you about the little parcel you entrusted me with, and which has just taken the road to its destination.

It won’t be long until I see you, my dear Léonie; we are thinking of going to Lisieux on Sunday (March 5th) unless the patients, who have become very numerous over the last two days, keep us here. Upon arriving at 6 o’clock on Sunday Francis was positively overwhelmed with them and came home for dinner at nine o’clock.

At the moment he is treating some very sick people, but in a few days time, that might [2 r°] change. Yesterday I took the carriage to Cagny and in the evening we dined at Henry’s house with the Pézeril family.

I was completely surprised to see my Uncle Maudelonde, so you will have our news doubly tomorrow because you will receive my letter which you will kindly pass on to Mama. I would very much like dear mother not to worry, she is counting on receiving one of my epistles tomorrow, but as I’m writing to you I thought that Mama would be as satisfied with this and wouldn’t be jealous. Give her a big kiss for me and tell her I love her very much. Anyway she shall have as many kisses as she wants from me [2 v°] on Sunday. Also tell her that I am very well, I didn’t have a migraine after yesterday’s soirée.

I played baccarat and I did absolutely nothing but lose, which showed me once more the truth in the axiom: one who is unlucky at cards is lucky in love.

Thank Céline for me for her gilding which looks delightful. Give my love to my dear little sisters, Papa and dear Uncle (Mr. Martin, who was living in Rue Labbey with Céline, very near the Guérins), whom I haven’t forgotten and whose name I often mention to St. Joseph.

Farewell, my darling, I send you my love and kisses. Francis sends you all his best wishes.

Wholly Yours

Jeanne La Néele

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