From Mme La Néele to Céline - January 23, 1892. 

From Mme La Néele to Céline - January 23, 1892. 

Dear Céline,

Yesterday the post brought me an affectionate letter which brought me much pleasure. Affection is repaid with affection alone, so rest assured, dear little sister, that mine for you will not be late in coming. I see that you pity me for all the visits I have to host. Yesterday I had eleven of them, that is to say that for three hours I didn’t leave my living-room. It’s a whole new area of study for me, the [ l v°] people I see are not the same as those we meet in Lisieux. All they talk about are balls, and the theatre: these are the principal subjects of conversation. You can imagine how unsuccessful I am and how all this chitchat bores me. I had never seen such frivolous-seeming women as those I’ve seen since I’ve been in Caen. Yesterday I saw Mrs. Asseline and her daughter and it’s certainly their visit that I enjoyed the most. In a few days there will be no more mention of visits, fortunately!

Francis is still very busy, he never stops, I believe there are even more sick people that there were eight or ten days ago when you were in Caen.

I am glad to see that Mama and Pauline are feeling better. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go to Lisieux, my husband can’t dream of going at the moment: he is replacing Doctor Vigo who is away, which is giving him additional work. I would be very happy to see you, for time seems to drag particularly on Sundays. Mrs. Mouton is coming here for lunch, which will distract me a bit.

I still think of you three a great deal and the biggest cloud in my blue sky at the moment is being far from you. I am in such great need of your advice, but perfect happiness is not of this earth, and I thank heaven every [2v°]day for the good share I have been given. I will leave you now, dear little Céline, for it is time for lunch. I send you thousands and thousands of hugs, give lots of kisses to my Father, mother and little sisters and keep the best ones for yourself.

Your Jeanne

23rd January 1892

Francis and Grandmama join me in sending you our love to you all.

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