From Jeanne Guérin to her father - May 5, 1885.

From Jeanne Guérin to her father. 5th Mai 1885.


[2 r°] on your indulgence as a bit of a doting father, because I can see on rereading my letter that its style is not very correct and that the writing is slightly schoolish. Yesterday we followed your advice, we were on the jetty in Deauville, we saw several boats go out, but the noise and movement of the sea made Mama and Thérèse a bit dizzy. We were very happy that Grandpa and Grandma came on Sunday, we weren’t expecting this pleasant surprise.

Farewell dear Father, I [2 v°] send you a boatful of kisses.

Your darling little daughter


Child of Mary

Hello to all the family, my best wishes to kind Aimée.

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