From Jeanne Guérin to her father - June 16, 1886.

From Jeanne Guérin to her father. 16th June 1886.

Trouville s/mer 16th June 1886

Dear Father

What a charming house you have moved us into (the “Chalet des Lilas”, 29 Rue de la Cavée, from 15th June to 31st July 1886), how happy life is here, how happy life will be here especially next Sunday (with the arrival of Mr. Guérin, who was held up during the week at his pharmacy). Marie is at this moment in the garden busy shelling peas, the air is coming to us straight off the sea and we can breathe great lungfuls of it, for despite the fine weather there is a very cold north wind. We were on the beach this afternoon for about three hours, behind the beach huts, it was really good there. There are already a few people on the beach, I would like it if no more came; it’s so good, so quiet at the moment.

We learned from my uncle (Mr. Martin, who from time to time would go and spend a day in Trouville with one or other of his daughters) that the ladies from Neuville would come and spend the month of July in Trouville. They have rented a house in the street behind Mrs. Maudelonde, we won’t be in quite the same district but we will be able to meet up on the beach. The air, the days, the cheerfulness, and well everything is so different between our steep hill and the little streets of Trouville. We are right beside the [2 r°] park, which will allow me to carry my paint box, there are such pretty things to capture. I beg of you to bring on Sunday some painting card that’s about 20 centimetres long, I don’t know the number, that’s why I’m giving you the size I want. You mustn’t confuse this card with painting paper or a canvas, which isn’t the same thing at all. I hope you will find the card at Mrs. Beau’s house. I will end, kind father, by thanking you for having chosen such a nice house for us, you couldn’t have found better, or even as good.

Farewell dear father, I’m thinking [2 v°] of you and I send you billions of kisses.

Your little daughter who cherishes you


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