From Mme Guérin to Céline - October 20, 1894.

From Mme Guérin to Céline - October 20, 1894.

Lisieux, 20th October 1894

Dear little Céline,

On this day I take particularly pleasure in calling you by this sweet name, in which you liked to see something heavenly. Like your patron saint, whose existence we were unaware of for a long time, you wanted to devote yourself to your celestial Spouse. How the Virgin Céline must love you and be protecting you, because in Sister Marie of the Holy Face, she will always see her Céline of old. And if she deigns to hear our feeble prayers and present them to [lv°] God, we will ask her, on this her feast day, to rain all sorts of blessings upon our dear daughter. I can call you this, can’t I, darling Céline? If you have left us, it is for God, and your broken heart proved that you had a wholly filial affection for us!

     I have asked Marie to offer you the last roses from our garden; they are the best gift we can give. I would have liked them to have been more beautiful. I used to love giving you every year on this day a little present, which you would always accept with renewed pleasure. All that will seem futile to you now, [2r°] so my dear Marie has tried to please you. The poor darling put all her talent and all her patience into trying to enlarge the photograph of your dear father. Did she succeed? She put all her effort into it at least and I admired her patience more than once. Her reward shall be to have brought pleasure to you and your dear sisters. May you also, little Céline, enjoy our little treats tomorrow. In any case if you want to lend your ear to the house at 19, Rue Banaston, you will hear the cry: “Long live dear Céline!!!” The whole family is unanimous. And dear little Jeanne wrote to me saying you had said such lovely [2v°] things to her in a letter this week. She didn’t say what they were, but she seemed so happy.

       Thank you, Céline, thank you, for thinking of us like this. Thank you for all your dear prayers for my recovery. Thank you on behalf of my family; what you do for each of them touches my heart more deeply than if it was done for me. Your dear uncle joins me in wishing you a happy feast day. We only need to mention his little Céline and his eyes immediately light up and his heart opens. He is a real father to you, my darling. Do pray for him, please. He is having trouble with the Newspaper again. Ask God to shine his light upon him. — We send you all our love, my darling, and real feast-day kisses. Give your sisters kisses from us. It is permitted on this feast day, and pay our respects to Mother Marie de Gonzague.

Your Aunt who loves you with all her heart,

C. Guérin

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