From Jeanne La Néele to Thérèse - August 22 (?), 1896.

From Mme. La Néele to Thérèse.

August 22 (?), 1896

Dear little Thérèse,

How kind you are for having addressed such a charming poem to me, I do not know how to thank you for it. I cried when reading it, but these were not tears of sorrow, there was something sweet that made me shed them. So I eagerly come to express a big "thank- you" for the pleasure you gave me. Alas! good Jesus is trying us at this moment; our dear parents are laid up. There is a little im­provement today, but 1 fear they will be sick a long time. We began a novena to Our Lady of Lourdes the day before yesterday, and each day I give them a little bit of Lourdes water. Since the novena began, Papa has not had any sharp attacks. I am at Lisieux since Friday; I leave again Monday morning and will come back on Thursday. You can see 1 am leading a nomadic life. Léonie is taking good care of Papa and Mamma; she is really kind and devoted and renders them great service. Thank little Marie of the Eucharist for the beautiful letter she wrote me and for her good wishes; I wept again when reading what she had written on the picture of her reception of the Habit. Decidedly, it has been a day of tears. The holy and famous Doctor was delighted; he asks me to thank his dear little sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus very much.

I shall, then, profit from the confidences Jesus has given to you, and I shall abandon myself completely to His holy will. He knows much better than I what is necessary for me, and if our prayers are not answered, it is no doubt because the object of my desires would be an obstacle to my salvation. I will tell you, dear little Thérèse, that God has given me the grace of resignation; at the beginning of my marriage, I was acting like the Israelites in the desert, I was com­plaining, I was rebelling, and this was not advancing me in the least, on the contrary. Now I am resigning myself. I shall not tell you that I do not feel a pang of sorrow when seeing a little child in its mother's arms, but I am no longer tempted to complain, and I seem to hear the Blessed Virgin say to me: "Go to Holy Communion, go to the holy Table, and I shall give you my dear little Jesus, then you will no longer be alone, you will be happier than the happiest of mothers." 1 notice, dear little Thérèse, my letter is very poorly writ­ten, I beg you to pardon me. Léonie is busy in her room, and I am being continually disturbed by my dear patients. Kiss little Marie of the Eucharist and the three other little sisters, and tell them Francis has just arrived, and he has found my dear parents better. Thank good Mother Marie de Gonzague for her affectionate wishes, and tell her I am praying for her cure.

A Dieu, dear little Thérèse. I hug you tightly, begging you to pray for me, for our dear little Jesus can refuse you nothing.

Jeanne La Néele

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