From Jeanne La Néele to sr Geneviève - June 12, 1895.



From Jeanne La Néele to sr Geneviève - June 12, 1895.

Dear little Céline,

       I’m hurriedly writing you two lines to ask for your prayers again. I asked you for some yesterday evening for Mrs. Mouton, today I have come to ask for some for me. I had an idea this afternoon, it was perhaps the Holy Spirit that sent it to me. First I will tell you that I pray very often to my Saintly uncle, and that very often I am granted what I ask of him. So I had the idea of praying a novena to Our Lady of [l v°] Lourdes, and at the same time offering a prayer to my saintly Uncle each day. It is certain he is in heaven, it is certain he will hear our prayers and especially those of his four Carmelites. You know that I am not patient, so I have asked him for a reply on the ninth day of the novena. Would you begin it tomorrow, Thursday, the feast of Corpus Christi, and feast of the Nocturnal Adoration, which my uncle loved so much. I still ask for the same graces; my complete recovery and a Baby. You perhaps think I am very inconsiderate to always hassle you like this. But I assure you that I have obtained many graces through the intercession of your dear father. Moreover at La Musse I would sometimes go into the bedroom where he breathed his last and where his soul flew to heaven, and I would recite him a little prayer. [2r°] Keep that to yourself, my darling, and don’t even tell my little sister Marie about it, because nobody at La Musse noticed my little pilgrimages.

I’m not writing to Marie or Mama, I think you will see someone tomorrow, so would you mind asking them, if you see them, to join us.

Thank you in advance, my petit Célin1, I beg you and your sisters to pray very hard, and accept all my most tender kisses

From your little sister

J. La Néele

12th June 1895

1 Term of endearment.

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