From J. La Néele to sr Geneviève - February for 5, 1895.


From J. La Néele to sr Geneviève - February for 5, 1895.

Dear little Céline,

     I’m enclosing with this letter a little note with my intentions written on it (Sister Geneviève would carry this note on her heart when prostrated with her arms stretched out in the form of a cross). I don’t know whether you will be allowed to read it, for you are no doubt on your great retreat. You belong wholly to your divine fiancé and He is wholly yours. I don’t want to disturb these private conversations, so I will only write two lines to let you know once again how dear you are to your little sister Jeanne and how much she is thinking of you. You are very happy at the moment, my darling; Tuesday will be a beautiful day for you. I rejoice in your happiness and I think that the joy [v°] will be even greater in heaven than on earth. My Uncle and Aunt, invisible witnesses to your spiritual betrothal, will bless the dear child who protected her elderly father in his old age, and witnessed his last breath. Yes, you fulfilled your duty completely, dear little sister, and you did so nobly. This is, I am sure, why Jesus is rewarding you today and showering you with delights of which the world is unaware.

See you tomorrow, my darling, I send all my love and a thousand kisses to you and your sisters. We will both be at the eight o’clock Mass at the Carmel. Think to pray for us.


J. La Néele

I thank Pauline for the charming works she offered us on her feast day. Francis was very touched, too, and has asked me to pass on his thanks.

J. L.

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