From Jeanne La Néele to her father Isidore Guérin - September 29, 1885

From Jeanne Guérin to M. Guérin

September 29, 1885

Two more days, dear little Father, and you will no longer be alone without your family in your big house, that will seem good won’t it? And we shall also be pleased to come back with you, it’s so sad to think that you are all alone over there in Lisieux.

At the moment, Trouville isn't cheerful; all the visitors have left and the beach is deserted. We spent two hours there yesterday in the shelter of a cabin, where we weren't too badly off. Céline, Marie and Thérèse took their shoes off to play a little at the seashore. It wasn't cold, and today I think the weather will be good. Yesterday evening, the Neuville ladies spent the evening with us. We saw them in the afternoon, and they complained about the long evenings, so Mama invited them to come after dinner and play with us a little. Mrs. de Neuville wasn’t able to come. Dear Mrs. Maudelonde was kind enough to make us two plum tarts that we ate that evening. She came to help us eat them and we played all sorts of little games until half past nine. Yesterday was the feast day of Saint Michael, we attended Mass and took Holy Communion. We didn’t forget to pray for France, and for God to help you establish Night Adoration.

You can come on Thursday if the weather is good, and this would please us, and it would give you two days to spend at Trouville since you have to come to get us on Friday. Mama didn’t ask me to tell you that, she would have feared annoying you. If you don’t come, dear Father, and the weather is fine, I shall be sorry. Sunday didn’t count, the weather was so bad.  

I don’t dare hope too much that you’ll visit us tomorrow, but perhaps you’ll surprise us. Farewell, darling Father, I send you my love, and the whole family has asked me to send you a thousand kisses.

Your little daughter, Jeanne

Enf. de Marie

Mama didn’t have time to write to grandma, she thinks that as she only has two days left here, grandma won’t mind, if I’ve the time this evening I will write to her. Say hello to all the family on our behalf, don’t forget Aimée whom I continue to urge to look after you.

From Céline Guérin

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