From J. La Néele to sr Geneviève - After February 5, 1895.

From J. La Néele to sr Geneviève - February after 5, 1895.


       Dear little Céline,

      I don’t want to let Mama and Marie’s letters go without adding a little note. I wish you a happy feast day, my darling, and my heart desires a thousand good things for you. Your taking of the Habit left us with an unforgettable memory. Francis, who had never seen one before, came back most moved by it, and found it very beautiful. (Marie Guérin sang the hymn: “He is mine”, the tune of which Thérèse would use for her poem Living on Love (PN 17). A photo of Céline in her bridal gown shows the inner courtyard covered in snow. Henry Maudelonde, Céline’s former suitor (1890-1891) sent a spray of lilies for the ceremony.)

I send all my love and kisses to you and to my other three little sisters

J. La Néele

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