From Jeanne La Néele to Thérèse - September 5, 1897.

From Jeanne La Néele to Thérèse - September 5, 1897.

Dear little Thérèse,

I am writing you only a few lines, fearing to fatigue you. I am sending you, with this little basket of flowers, all my affection; you know, dear little Sister, that you have a large place in my heart, so 1 am often, very often, in spirit near you. When I realize you are suffering, it breaks my heart, so I am asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten your two doctors that they may comfort you. I shall not tell you, dear little Angel, the joy I had at seeing my husband enter the Carmel to examine you. This is a treat from Providence; good Mother Prioress sent Francis your photograph to thank him, she said. However, I believe the roles have changed, and it is we who thank, from the bottom of our heart, this good Mother, who is so considerate and kind. I was very much moved when receiving your Portrait, dear little Sister, and I had such a lump in my throat from my tears that I could not speak.

A Dieu, my darling, I embrace you tightly, very tightly, and may the Blessed Virgin keep you under her protection.

Your little sister who loves you Jeanne

My affectionate regards to Reverend Mother, and, once more, my gratitude.

Francis will arrive at Lisieux at five this evening.

Mamma will send you some good chicken in white sauce tomor­row before ten.

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