From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father - December 31, 1886.

From Marie to her father Mr. Martin 31st December 1886.

31st December

Darling Father,

I shall not be the last to come and offer you New Year wishes. One does not yield one’s birth right so easily and “your poppet, your first daughter” has, you see, left you only to cherish you further. Oh, how we love you, Father! Can there be a father on earth who is loved as much as you are. Ah! May Jesus respond to your children’s (1v°) love by blessing you tomorrow as He has never blessed you before! You, who freely handed over to Him all your hopes for your old age without counting the cost, may He shine joy upon your life. But the glory, the one true and precious glory that never fades, is yours. Yes, beloved Father, we will glorify you as you like to be glorified, by becoming saints. I know of no other wishes to offer you: any other would not be enough and unworthy of us. Only remain with your children for a long time yet, for you are all their joy. Your family in the Carmel, darling Father, would happily keep you in this sad world as long as old Methuselah. But no, God will have pity on us all before then and in Heaven we will celebrate together the blessed day that has no tomorrow!!

Your eldest daughter

Marie of the Sacred Heart


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