From Fr. Pichon to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - December 14, 1886. Fragments.

From Fr. Pichon to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 14th December 1886. Fragments.

+ Rouen 14th D.

My true Daughter in Our Lord,

I don’t want to deprive myself of the help your dear prayers bring me. They are necessary for me:

1. To take advantage of the cross; 2. For my recovery, if it can contribute to God’s glory and the redemption of souls. For more than three weeks now I have been more yellow than ever. During three successive [1 v°] retreats I tried to win the battle through force. A week ago I finally had to surrender and retire to my tent. The faculty is condemning me to a long period of complete rest. I have severe anemia. All my blood has turned to bile. Intestinal bleedings wear me out, etc., etc. However, the supreme consolation of the Holy Sacrifice remains. So you are not losing my daily Mass [2 r°] and you will perhaps benefit from my sufferings a little. Who else could ever share in them as much as you? Keep me company in the loneliness of Gethsemane.

Your three dear letters (…)

[2 v°] My child, neither of my two souls, neither you nor I, will say to Our Lord that he is asking too much. Let us shout out loud to him so that He takes even more. Yes, even more than at Calais and Dover, if he wants. More (…)

[l v° tv] to your pious Carmel, and especially to your dear Sr. St. Agnès.

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