From sr Agnès of Jésus to her father - December 31, 1886.

20A From Pauline (Agnès of Jesus) to her father Mr. Martin

31st December 1886.

J. M. J. T. 31st December 1886


Beloved Father,

Happy New Year, happy New Year! Who deserves happiness here below more than you? Your little fine pearl has taken advantage of the permission that was given by the revered and cherished Mother whom you know: Here are your New Year gifts from the Carmel and the description of the little emblematic painting (miniature measuring 8 x 12.5 cm on parchment. In addition to the emblems described by Sister Agnès, the picture bears three roses and the following wishes written in gothic characters: “Your Diamond, and your fine pearl/ darling Father, offer you their wishes/ But in their hearts, all things are apparent/ They are mysterious caskets…/ Ah! May God crown in advance/ Your noble strength and faith/ Life is brief… and the reward / Father, shall be worthy of you…”). The mountain is the Carmel [l v°], the little dove sitting at the foot of the cross is your petit Paulin1, who has been so happy for four years! You can guess the name of the one who is coming to join her! On the other shore is the world; you can see the beloved Heart of the best of fathers and near him his two jewels who are being joined by, alas! the poor tried little dove, but who is not rejected and no less pleasing to God (the two jewels are Céline and Thérèse; the tried dove is Léonie, who had just returned to Les Buissonnets on 1st December after a brief attempt at life with the Poor Clares of Alençon). Several rays of light [2 r°] stream forth from the sky, representing the blessings with which Jesus’ Heart deigns to shower us.

I hope, darling Father, that this picture, and more importantly the affection with which I composed and painted it, will please you. It must be my heart that is the most grateful one since for four years it is the one whose desires you have fulfilled the most. Thank you, thank you, may God answer my prayers [2 v°] and fulfill your desires in turn.

Your poor little pearl sends you her best kisses. Oh give her all the blessings equal to those Isaac gave to Jacob.

Your petit Paulin of old,

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

u. c. n.

1 Term of endearment.

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