From sr Agnès of Jésus to Céline - Décember 1883

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. December (?) 1883



Darling petit Célin,

I hope you’ve written me a long letter about it. That’s fine. That’s what it means to render an account of all the little events of the week [1 v°] to her Paulin.

I especially like hearing, or rather reading, about the little mysteries of your heart. When I see that my darling Céline has made an effort, that she is still of goodwill, and that her little soul is fully turned towards love of virtue, I feel so, so happy [2 r°] that words can’t express it… It’s also because my petit Célin is my own daughter, I led her to God on the day of her First Communion, I am her Godmother and with these titles I’m well within my rights to claim my due. You can see, can’t you, young lady, that your little heart is my heritage, [2 v°] my property.

Oh! I’ll make beautiful things on my property. I’ll build a magnificent palace there where little Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and all the Angels can come and rest from their pursuits here below. Then I’ll plant lovely walkways, and sow lovely flowers from lilies of innocence to the little violet of humility. Won’t it be charming? But I’ll need your help, I’m the engineering architect, you’re the mason and gardener.

Farewell [2 v° tv] my darling little child, I send you all my love and kisses.

Your Agnès

[1 v° tv] Tell Marie I was very pleased to receive her letter, and that I’m looking forward to thanking her and [2 r° tv] speaking to her at my leisure on Saturday. Give her lots of kisses for me. Oh! I still love my little Marie very much! Yes with all my heart!


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