From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse - Décember 1883 (?)

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

December 1883 (?)

My dear little Baby,

I kiss you in order to thank you for your nice (and very well written) little letter. I am content with you, my darling; you are always my little consolation and my Benjamin.

"Virgin most pure" fell to your lot, then, for the procession. This is a sign that the Blessed Virgin, your Mother, wants her lit­tle daughter to resemble her and become like her a beautiful lily of purity and innocence.

To do this, my darling, and also to prepare yourself for the great and very sweet feast of Christmas, you will have to be very good, very obedient, very diligent, and, above all, put forth many efforts to live always in peace with Céline. It is so good when two little sisters understand one another, never finding fault with one another. ...

Oh! how the little Jesus will caress you and speak sweet things to you from His blessed crib if you follow my advice. He will perhaps allow you to come and adore Him before the shepherds, at the same time as the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph! And how beauti­ful it would be to receive the first blessings of the Divine Baby!

Adieu. I kiss you with all the tenderness of my heart.

Your Agnes

Little Benjamin, I entrust you with all my love for Papa and my little Léonie, whom I always love.

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