From sr Agnès of Jesus to M. Guérin and Mme Guérin - December 31, 1883.

From Pauline to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin 31st December 1883.

Live Jesus! J.M.J.T.

31st December 1883

Dear Uncle, beloved Aunt,

I am completely at a loss as I take up my pen this morning. I could tell you of my affection again… but I’d be repeating myself! I could wish you a happy new year, but it’s so dull, so boring, so common, so forced, and often so false! Nothing seems more insipid to me, especially in a letter. One must do like everybody else, you say! Well I’ve sworn to do like [1 v°] nobody else. For who is going to think of undertaking the trip to Bethlehem today? Yet that is what I want to do and, even better than that, I’m counting on coming back the same day, this evening… carrying in my arms the Divine Child from the Manger, Jesus, the most wonderful gift in Heaven and earth! “And what will I do with this Child?” What will I do with Him? Ah! I’m not at a loss. At the Carmel on New Year’s Eve we hold a vigil until midnight, we spend the last moments of a year that’s about to fall into eternity and the first of that which is beginning at the foot of the Tabernacle. So then! Dear Uncle and Aunt, at that hour don’t forget, you shall also receive your gift, and the best wishes that a child can [2 r°] formulate. I will send you the Dear Little Baby of Bethlehem. He will bring you my heart in His own. He will tell you of the immortal bond He has been able to establish between our hearts. To the one He will give peace, rest, and peace of mind, body and heart. To the other, as he holds out his little arms He will deign to smile and pour a thousand blessings and heavenly graces on a life of full devotion. Lastly, to you both, as He promises heavenly bliss after this earthly exile, He will give you even here below and in advance, his divine joy and his love to reign in your household. Isn’t this treasure you are to receive a lovely one? And is there a king in the Universe you would be able to envy tomorrow morning?  

Farewell beloved Uncle and Aunt, along with your wealth I enclose my heart’s inexhaustible [2 v°] affection, and remain this year and forever,

Your little daughter who is a thousand times grateful,

and loving beyond all expression

Agnès of Jesus.

P.S. The little picture enclosed with this letter is for my Uncle. Excuse its plainness.

The little rosary bags are gifts from our dear Mother (Mother Geneviève of Saint Teresa) who sends her wishes and all those of the Carmel.

To my little cousins, and all the family, I send a thousand hugs, wishes and kisses, particularly to my dear Grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Fournet).

Not forgetting Aimée and Marcelline (Aimée Roger and Marcelline Husé, the Guérins’ maids).


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