From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - April 25, 1897.



From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - April 25, 1897.


+ Jesus                                 J.M.J.T.                                 25th April 97

Dear little Céline,

       My letter has arrived a day later than you wished it to, but I wasn’t able to write to you for the twenty-fifth. Ah! Just a month ago today, I was so happy!... It was my fine Day… You wouldn’t be able to understand the immense joy that one feels when one becomes the Spouse of God!... How happily one wholly and unreservedly gives oneself. Ah! dear little Céline, it would be very difficult for me [lv°] to convey what took place in my soul on that day. It was a Heavenly day and we’ll only ever feel the same joy and peace flood us when we reach blessed Eternity.

       I still feel happy and I don’t regret binding myself to Jesus, far from it. Oh, no! But although I feel the happiness of this divine union, I need to work more than ever towards perfection and becoming very faithful.

       As you can imagine, I thought particularly of you and all your family on the day of my Profession. I prayed for all your intentions on the day on which Jesus [2r°] refuses his spouses nothing. I didn’t forget Marie Ridel and I prayed that Jesus welcome her into his beautiful Heaven, if she wasn’t yet there, because you need to be so pure to taste the joys of the Celestial Homeland.

       I’ve talked enough about myself, haven’t I?... I received your letter for my Profession and the one for Easter. I am very pleased with my little Céline, I don’t judge the same way as she does and I find she has progressed in perfection. Yes, you do very well to share your thoughts with me, you are one of those little souls who need to confide in someone and for whom it is very useful. There is only one problem, and that is you have [2v°] chosen your unworthy little sister who is far from being able to direct you. But since you haven’t rejected this worthless instrument, it is very pleased if it does you some good. Ah! you know, there is only one thing necessary both for those in the world and for religious orders, and that’s salvation. Only after we die can we possess God in a more or less close union, and we are only on this earth to reach this blessed end. There is therefore nothing we shouldn’t fight to reach it. Working for Jesus, and with Jesus, is the only way.

With each action you do, begin as far as possible by doing an act of love for God, then work in his presence. When something troublesome or irritating happens, say “Thank you”. No matter if it is said listlessly or without fervour, say it anyway. You’ll see what a relief it is. Just by saying “Thank you” you are wholly transformed and wholly renewed. Try it and you’ll see how sweet it feels. To say Thank you when in suffering, or in no matter what circumstance, you don’t need to have that sweet feeling when you say it. You can even be in the heat of the battle, complaining about this pain and suffering, but a “Thank you” that’s spit out, even if it’s almost unwillingly, is pleasing to Jesus and is like a spiritual communion. Your forceful act draws Jesus, who takes delight in virtuous souls. That, my [lr°tv] dear little Céline, is my little spiritual bouquet for today. Say “Thank you”, even out loud, every time something annoying happens and you’ll tell me what it does within your soul.

       Spoilt little child of God, help me save souls through your little sacrifices. You can save as many as a Carmelite because their secret is accessible to everyone: force yourself and make sacrifices to save souls for Jesus. If money was required to save souls, how eager we’d be to provide as much as was necessary. Well, the money God requires is sacrifices; little sacrifices are the currency that buys souls.

       Imagine how happy I was to hear your news about the Pascal Communion. Let’s both thank God by loving him with all our hearts. Do little loving acts often and you’ll see how love will flood your heart. It’s delightful that Baby is always talking about Jesus like that; it proves how piously her Mother is raising her.

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist

All your little cousins send you lots of affectionate kisses.