From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - October around 6, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - October around 6, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear little Céline,

Your pretty letter brought me such pleasure!!... I read it and reread it several times, I’m reading it again this evening with renewed pleasure. I even think that God is asking me to sacrifice this small pleasure.

At least my dear little Sister told me about her soul. I saw that it was ever more pleasing to God and that she, too, was following the path to perfection.

I thought of you as I read a book entitled: Fundamentals of Spiritual Life by Father Surin (work upon which Thérèse meditated in January 1890 and which she recommended reading)… I think you would like it and that it would do you good, it will make a change from Father Hamon. It’s a good book for meditation and I would compare it with the Imitation (of Christ). It will prove useful all your life, and is as accessible to those living in the world as to nuns. It has something useful for everyone in it. I therefore advise you, dear little Céline, to order it. It’s a little booklet and is not very voluminous. If ordering it bothers you, let me know, Mama would be happy to see to it, she is ordering one for herself.

Alas, little Céline, it’s already [2r°] been a year since I joined the Carmel. Already a year of happiness has gone by, for I am very happy, I assure you. I don’t regret what I did, I would do it again and do so even more eagerly. Do pray for me, my darling, so that I’m not unfaithful to the great graces that God gives me, and He is lavish with his gifts to me. They’re not always graces that content human nature. Oh, no! … They are almost always crucifying, but why not acknowledge them to the same extent as the others? They even bring more peace to one’s soul, and a lot of strength. Since you like it when I speak about myself, I will tell you that my greatest resolution each day is to try to do everything out of love for God. We sometimes do things out of habit, or because we must practice virtue, but what touches God the most is doing them out of love. When we love someone, and do something for them, as we do it out of love, we don’t mind the trouble or work. What wouldn’t we do to please them… Well, God also asks that everything we do be for Him out of love for Him, with the unique purpose of pleasing Him. He is in such need of our works, sufferings, little troubles, disappointments, and humiliations to save him souls. Why refuse Him them?... People wouldn’t refuse someone in the world the smallest kindness out of politeness, but for God people can be very impolite. Well! It hurts me, my Céline, to see the extent to which God is rejected by even Christian and virtuous hearts, and I want to make him amends for this by doing my best. He offers his love to the whole world and people refuse Him… Well, I pray that he imparts to me all the love that other souls flout!! And I will do everything I can in order not to refuse him. And I know that my little sister out there will do as I do.

[lr°tv] You see, today’s letter talks about me, about my innermost feelings. Whatever you do, little sister, be faithful to your Communions. God so loves coming into our hearts, and He finds he doesn’t come often enough. His love always wills to give itself to us and we refuse him entry into our hearts. Oh, no! Let’s open wide the door so that Jesus can come into our hearts as often as possible. Jesus of the Eucharist shares his secrets with his little Marie of the Eucharist and I sense that He is asking this of my little Céline.

The whole Carmel sends love to Baby and congratulates her on her beautiful handwriting (Marguerite Pottier was a sixteen month old baby). She’s an extraordinary child and I hug her affectionately.

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist


Remember me to your husband. All your little cousins send their love. Pray for us, we are beginning a retreat on Thursday (8th October; retreat preached by Fr. Godefroid Madelaine) until St. Teresa’s feast day.