From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of 1895 - beginning of 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of 1895 - beginning of 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear little Céline,

I have just received your letter informing me of dear little Marguerite’s illness. Since then I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I offer everything, my prayers and sacrifices, in order that God might give you the faith and strength you need to bear this trial for the time it lasts, which won’t be long I hope. Poor little darling!... you see how much God loves you, He finds you worthy of carrying a piece of his Cross… You have proved your love to him on many occasions. He in turn has not ceased to shower you with graces, but today He is showing you his love in a special way by sending you the Cross, which is the most precious gift he can give us. You know what Henry Suso says (widely read at the Carmel of Lisieux): “I grant my graces to the good and the evil, but I reserve my crosses for the elect”, and many other beautiful passages that restore strength to the overwhelmed soul. If you can, reread the passages I have written down for you in the little notebook I gave you. It’s time you appropriated them.

Yes we will pray for you, for all of you. The whole Community wholeheartedly joins us in our prayers, particularly your cousins. But above all trust God… He is Father… He is Mother… and you know how much love a Mother’s heart has; He will not abandon you and if he sends you trials, it is because he has very special plans for your soul. I understand how much you must be suffering, but take heart, this trial will only last a certain length of time, and afterwards you will shine with joy again, and later on in heaven you will see and be happy to have participated in carrying our Jesus’ Cross. Sufferings of the heart are the most difficult to bear, but they are also [2v°] the most meritorious… If only you knew the extent to which I understand and share in your pain.

Your poor little angel has already experienced suffering. Oh! You must offer her sufferings to Jesus, together with those of her poor mother which are no less pleasing to God.

Trust God… You know when I was little like your little Marguerite, I resembled her very much in terms of frailty. I gave my poor parents a great deal of trouble, and yet I managed to become healthy enough to be a Carmelite. It will be the same for your little Marguerite, I’m not saying she will be a Carmelite, unless that is God’s will, but you’ll see, she will little by little get the upper hand of her frailty, but it won’t be without giving her dear mother cause for worry. Since it is through your little angel that God wishes to try you, you must say: fiat, and lovingly resign yourself to his holy will.

My darling, I shall leave you by sending you all the love in my heart and my best wishes for your dear little child’s prompt recovery.

All your cousins in the Carmel share in this trial with you and send you very many kisses.

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist


Remember me to your husband. Give a big kiss to my dear little Marguerite. When you are able, send me news of her, I would like that.

[lr°tv] Your offering touched our Mother deeply, she thanks you. The novena will be said and the money used as you wish.

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