From Louis Martin to his daughters - August 2, 1885

From Louis Martin to his daughters

Paris, 2nd August 1885.

Dearest daughters,

You are very kind to have let me take this little break and I shall be very grateful to you for it all my life. Besides, even if distance separates us a little, my heart is right beside you. Therefore don’t worry or be upset, my children.

If, however, your sorrow is too great, tell me so honestly, Marie, and send your letter poste restante to Munich (in Bavaria) and I’ll leave dear Father Marie (travelling companion – curate of the church of St. Jacques) high and dry.

I am sending you a dozen gold shells; you will give two to Céline and two to my little Queen; kiss them firmly on their two cheeks. As for you, poppet, take comfort and once again, I can assure you that you won’t regret letting me leave; I also send you and Léonie lots and lots of love.

Don’t forget to give the eight gold shells to my “fine Pearl” in the Carmel.

Wholly yours in the Lord.

P.-S. Many best wishes to your uncle, and your aunt and your cousins. I must hurry, for I have to be at the station at nine o’clock, and I haven’t much time.

A thousand kisses to all my family.

(Your father who loves you.)

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