From Marie Dupont to Céline - August 1st, 1885.

From Marie Dupont to Céline. 1st August 1885.



Source: coloured picture 14.5 x 6.2 cm. No reference. Cross surrounded by ears of corn, poppies and wild roses. Sentence: “If you bear your cross well, it shall in turn carry you: a cross well-born is only half a cross.”

To my dear little Céline. Here is a souvenir from a friend who regrets not having known you sooner. May our affection be enclosed in the heart of the Most Blessed Virgin our mother so that she may protect us and make our friendship always pleasing in God’s sight.

Marie Dupont (Father Domin’s niece, future Sister Saint John the Evangelist, Benedictine nun of Lisieux. She would testify at the Ordinary Trial).

Child of Mary

1st August 1885


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