From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Céline - March 11-12 (?), 1889.

From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Céline - 11th-12th March (?) 1889.

+ J.M.J.T.

Marie of the Holy Face, your eldest sister has left this little piece of paper, I am taking advantage of it to send you my heart; hear the echo of poor Mother M. de G.’s soul. She leaves you neither day nor night! What suffering, my children, hearts are crushed and can’t you see how pleased Jesus is with his cherished spouses, those who adore his impenetrable design, seeking only one thing: “to want what He wants”! Let us accept the bitter drink that Jesus wants to give us! Let us remain snuggled up in the wound of the adorable Heart! It’s there, dear child, that we are inseparable. (Peace on calvary at Gethsemane!) A letter from Alençon came, and will be enclosed with this letter, the children fear it will be too heavy, if it is they will remove the envelope.

Give my affection to my dear Léonie, and all my heart to my cherished daughter.

Sr. M. de Gonzague

un.c. n.

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