From Mme Guérin to Céline - May 1, 1889.

From Mrs. Guérin to Céline. 1st May 1889.

Lisieux, 1st May 1889.

Dear little Céline,

We were looking forward to your letter, so we were very happy yesterday at three o’clock when it arrived. I enjoyed reading how my Léonie celebrated her sister’s birthday and I sincerely congratulate her for this. It was very kind of her to have been so thoughtful.

My dear children, I can’t tell you how much my heart aches thinking of you. Céline’s letter is imbued with sadness. I see how much she is suffering internally and I pray that God consoles her. Yes, my little goddaughter, your twentieth birthday comes in the midst of great sadness on earth; but something tells me that heaven is rejoicing. You live amid crosses and trials, this is how God matures his chosen ones… [425] But this is a very difficult time is it not? and the cross seems heavier and heavier! Oh! I pray that God makes it lighter, and if I can do something, if a devoted heart full of affection consoles you a little, oh! then you can count on your godmother’s heart.

I suffer so much knowing you are so alone, and far from us. Oh yes, I am thinking of you, my darlings, and we often talk about you and your dear patient. I found you sad when I saw you, so this memory follows me. When will God finally see fit to reunite us?

One suffers less when with family than when alone. A sorrow shared is easier to bear. God creates friends’ hearts to love you in sorrow and joy alike and I would even say: especially in sorrow. It is then that you can show your family how much you love them, and I find that is it a great grace to be able to prove one’s [426] affection in this way.

Lastly, let us live by surrendering to divine Providence; God will provide for everything and will show each person the way. I entrust myself to him and I pray he reunites us soon.

Farewell, my darling little Céline, I send my love with all my heart to you and my dear Léonie.

Your Uncle and Jeanne join me in sending you their love. Marie is seeing to her messages herself since she is writing to Léonie. She was very pleased the other day (Tuesday 23rd or Wednesday 24th) to have taken you to the station, she claimed to have been very useful to you; but she came back very sad to have seen her two little sisters leave, tears came to her eyes. You really do have true sisters here.

Your wholly devoted Aunt

C. Guérin