From sr Agnès of Jésus to Céline - October 21, 1883.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 21st October 1883.


Live Jesus

Darling petit Célin,

Luckily your Patron Saint can still be celebrated tomorrow for otherwise there would be no way of making up for it this year…

Anyway since there’s still time, I wish you [l v°] a happy feast day my darling little daughter, without being able to convey of course even a fraction of the affection that’s reserved for you in my heart. Yes, dearest, I love you much more than a sister, to find out how much remember your First Communion and the three months of preparation!

You must become very good, my petit Célin. Time is passing and you are growing up! Once in one’s 15th year (Céline would turn 15 on 28th April 1884) one starts to be a big girl and responsibility [2 r°] must grow with age and height. But I believe it’s pointless me preaching because my little daughter already thinks for herself and puts into practice her big sister Marie’s lessons and example. Yes, I’m sure of it and my good Angel told me so and repeats it every day. O my petit Célin, let’s love God and the Holy Virgin Mary, let’s hide every morning under our guardian angel’s blessed wing and our lives shall go by like a happy [2 v°] dream, full of cheerful pictures of virtue and Heaven.

Farewell my darling, to earn this beautiful heaven, let’s spare nothing and may we draw nearer to it each day through the little sacrifices we will have been able to make to deserve it.

Your Agnès

Send all my dear family my love, especially Papa and thank him for his little treats with plenty of hugs. Dear Papa, may God shower him with joys not only in eternity but also here below!

[2 v° tv] There is a Chinese picture for you and another for Thérèse, don’t argue over them, I’d rather my petit Célin were to make a sacrifice if necessary.

[1 r° tv] Tell Marie to thank Thérèse Prevel in my name for her cake in honour of the feast of Saint Teresa. It’s very late, I’m sorry about that, but better late than never. Also, here is her picture that I’ve had here for ages.

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