From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - December 20 (?), 1882.

From Sister Agnès to Céline. About 20th December 1882.



Darling petit Célin,

Thank you for your lovely picture, your letter, and the little filial secrets it contains.

Dear darling, if you trust me, if you love me…you know, [1 v°] my heart reciprocates, believe me… you are not only my sister, and goddaughter (Pauline was Céline’s Confirmation godmother. Céline’s baptismal godmother was Mrs. Guérin), but also and forever my darling little daughter, the child I prepared for her first Communion, and whom I carried to Jesus for the first time! Oh! These titles are too special for me not to claim them…

And is your little nativity scene [2 r°] or rather crib very pretty? Have you continued to decorate it with lace? I’m also making one, but I fear the Child Jesus will choose yours over mine… Wait a minute, Miss, if that happens, you will be kind enough to pass me your lovable little Baby, just the time it takes for a little nap in the poor crib that is my heart, won’t [2 v°] you? It’s agreed then.

And now, my darling, all that’s left is for me to say farewell. Continue to be good, think often about your First Communion; it will give you courage in difficult times.

Goodnight, my darling little child. Do pray for me at Midnight Mass. Do you remember last year and the surprise it brought?...

All my love and kisses.

Your Agnès.

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