From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline – March 5 (?), 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline – March 5 (?), 1893.


Little Céline,

I’m sending you the famous hamper we’ve been talking about for so long… if you find it is indiscreet to task Jeanne with it, send it back but it would help me.

Little Céline, how I love you! Your consideration for M. Marie de Gonzague moves me to tears!... I feel so loved by you… Jesus loves me very much as well, I know… So I can’t say what David cried out: “I am alone and unknown on earth!” Don’t worry about your soul’s dispositions [v0]. It feels these things because Our Lord is working marvels inside it. Ah, what are all our feelings and fine thoughts!... Nothing, absolutely nothing… let us simply be at peace, with our eyes fixed on the holy mountain from whence help will come (Ps. 120:1)! To look at Jesus and love him is all we need do! It’s heaven on earth before being Heaven in the Heavens.

Darling petit Célin1, your poetry is delightful! (Poem dated 28th February, entitled “Le Sourire de Marie”: “Mary’s Smile”.) I’m sending you the angel’s one (Thérèse: “Dew Divine”, PN1, dated 2nd February 1893)…. But if you wanted you could copy it and send it back… We won’t forget the novena (Novena of Grace). Let Marie come mid-Lent to see M. Marie de Gonz. (Mid-Lent would be Thursday 9th March in 1893. The visiting rooms were usually closed during Lent); that will answer her letter.

[v° tv] Do thank Aunt for the oysters and Uncle for the wine. When you wish to send something, I would really like some gingerbread (just a few pieces) and 4 lovely very, very sweet oranges.

The peas were so delicious that Mother M. de G. said that for a Carmelite, eating such good things was shameful.

[r° tv] Say hello to darling little Léonie.

The photo (of Léonie) is good but I would like to see the operation you mentioned; I find the face doesn’t stand out enough.

Do thank Uncle for all the information, books and pictures….

Give a thousand kisses to Aunt and Jeanne, etc. etc..

[v° tv] We received the nice cabbages. Thank you.

1 Term of endearment.

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