From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - March 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - March 1893.

J.M J.T.

My darling little Céline,

The very same day you came to tell me about the miracle (the conversion of Désiré Le Juif, Céline’s servant, before a picture she had painted in 1888, and at the end of a novena addressed to Saint Joseph), the sister of the sub-prioress (Sister Marie of the Angels), Mrs. de Labbey, came to see her and I was obliged to go to the visiting room. The lady was despairing because one of her very close relatives, despite being infirm and at death’s door, doesn’t want to return to God. I very quickly told her all about your story. The lady was so touched by it that she immediately asked me to request that you put a little note to this intention under the statue of St. Joseph.Yesterday in a letter she again said that she couldn’t stop thinking about our miracle and that it gave her tremendous faith for her unfortunate relative who laughs about everything and is becoming more and more impious.

So, my little Céline, now you are famous, it looks as though you will one day be like Mr. Dupont in Tours. In that case, your miraculous St. Joseph will become famous as well.

Farewell my petit Célin1. Thank you for the peas… Everything you send me gives me pleasure! If only you knew how much! You can’t comprehend it while in the world.

I spoke with Rev. Fr. Lecornu in the visiting room (Paul-Adrien Lecornu, M.E.P, ordained on 23rd February 1893, who had attended a reception held by the Guérins in March).

Farewell my darling little Céline! If you find any mackerel for Maundy Thursday, I would be very pleased, send it on the Wednesday if you want.

I send you all my love. Your soul is so dear to me that I can’t express it… Oh, how Jesus loves you! Whatever you do, receive him, and as often as possible.

Your little sister

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

I’m sending you our little Portuguese Sister’s photo of the Father for you to enlarge if you can, she would be [v° tv] so happy! (Anne of the Sacred Heart, née de Souza, a Carmelite nun from Saigon who came to Lisieux in 1883) But take care not to dirty it. Don’t forget the little palette that I asked you for a long time ago.

Don’t tell anyone I wrote to you, due to Lent. I would prefer Uncle didn’t know. Don’t send me the portrait of Marie (painted by Céline) before Easter.

1 Term of endearment.

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