From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 13-14, 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 13-14, 1893.


Darling little Céline,

Mother Marie de Gonzague is feeling better! What bliss. As soon as we begun a novena to Mother Geneviève the improvement became apparent. Dr. de Cornière was most surprised this morning… I am very glad… I received the oranges just in time because Mother M. de G. was down to her last one, she liked nothing but that and sparkling water. [1 v°] Now when there is something good at Aunt’s house, I will hold out my hand most humbly.

We will celebrate the Feast of the Good Shepherd on Sunday (Sunday 16th). Don’t forget the lovely tarts please! or nice big Bourdins (tart: specialty of Normandy), but order them anew because the pastry was bad last time… I have another request to make my darling… Earlier I counted my little chocolate chromos (trade cards promoting chocolate products), alas, I don’t [2 r°] have enough. I need some more, should I say it?... Well, I need 10 of them… I am like a child going about her little business; can you imagine that I handled them so much that I ended up breaking several sticks of chocolate… I so enjoy giving my Sisters little pleasures! Have pity on little baby Mother Prioress.  

Now, more business! and the photo of Fr. Youf (Céline would take several exposures of him). So give me a few days and [2 v°] hours when you can receive him. I can tell he would be pleased to have his portrait quite big and very focused. I will pray to God that it turns out well. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone be there during the procedure. Make the face, if possible, as big as Mother Geneviève.

Farewell darling Célin chéri1, the privileged soul whom Jesus looks upon with so much love!

I send you my love and kisses.

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

Aunt mustn’t forget the fish she promised. If there [2 v° tv] is any ray I would like some or some small mackerels… But I will be happy with anything.

See you soon, my darling, I send you my love once again.

Tell her that I thank her and love her. If you were to eat chicken on Sunday, how wonderful that would be. My Mother would no doubt taste it. So try to ring the necks of a few fowls!

I would prefer the cakes not to be too thin and for there to be a big piece for everyone.

Forgive me petit Célin for always fishing things from you. But petit Paulin1 is poor!!!! There has to be recourse to public charity.

[2 r tv] (Friday) I wrote this letter yesterday evening, Mother Marie de Gonz. had a bad night, but we must hope all the same.

1 Terms of endearment.

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