From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 26, 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - April 26, 1893.


26th April 93.

Darling little Céline,

So I must go all the way to Caen to wish you a happy birthday (Céline had been in Caen since 25th April with Marie Guérin. Mrs. La Néele had invited them so that they could see the trade fair. Céline would return to Lisieux on 2nd May), but that’s not too much for a nice little sister like you, whom Jesus loves and blesses with such special love and blessing! Dear little [1 v°] dove of Jesus, how your white plumage pleases me! Oh, don’t change the place of your nest! I can see it in the heights like an eagle’s nest… There it is, right near Heaven and the earth’s storms rage beneath it. Sing, little dove, sing your plaintive little song of Jesus’ love as you face the beautiful blue sky. Fear nothing; he prefers your sweet voice [2 r°] to all melodies here below. Just one plaintive note from you makes him forget the blasphemies of sinners, and when the white Host finds rest in your heart, He is comforted from all the sacrileges and fury of the impious, because his little dove’s love is more precious to him than evil-doers’ hatred is bitter.

Little Céline, that was my little compliment… Farewell now and don’t fear [2°] aging because the soul has no age just as the little dove can have no wrinkle.

I send you my tender kisses. Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart joins me in sending you her wishes and affection. She hasn’t the time to write to you.

Your sister and little Mother

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


P.S. – If Francis can’t give us any news of Miss Troude (Sister Marie-Philomène’s niece), please write to us quickly. Ah! If only you could see her, but I fear it is not possible.

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