From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - After May 11, 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - After May 11, 1893.


Darling little Céline, your little note pierced my heart!... Please, don’t write me sad little sentences that make me think and imagine so much!...

If only you knew how much pleasure the photo of Fr. Youf brought me… He is delighted like me! What a beautiful photograph, [1 v°] I find it magnificent and certainly the greatest photographer wouldn’t have done any better. And then Fr. Youf looks so kind!... It’s perfect for reproducing in miniature. Well, I hopped up and down with happiness and I went from door to door showing my photograph since for the past few days we haven’t had recreation (during the retreat from Ascension to Pentecost, that is to say, in 1893, from 11th to 21st May), and I nevertheless wanted everyone to [2 r°] see it…

Farewell, darling little sister, I don’t know how to thank you! How could you doubt my joy!

Your petit Paulin1

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


Sr. Th. of the Child Jesus is as happy as can be, if only you could see her little Jesus. It’s a real jewel and [2 v°] the daisies (artificial daisies, bought by Céline for Thérèse at the Caen fair) are the admiration of the whole Community… several Sisters are eaten with envy!

[2 r° tv] A little bit of redcurrant syrup and sparkling water, please, darling petit Célin1.

The beggar Sr. Agnès of Jesus.

[1 r° tv] Come at 3 o’clock on Friday.

1 Terms of endearment.

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