From Pauline to Céline - May 12, 1880.

From Pauline to Céline. 12th May 1880.

My lucky Céline,

Tomorrow you must recommend to God: Holy Church, France, Our darling Mother, our kind Father and all your little sisters, especially the two oldest ones who love you so dearly.

Also don’t forget Our Dear Uncle; ask Our Lord to heal him completely. Remember our Aunt as well, who is so kind and so devoted, your little cousins, and…

Then speak to God about your dear Teachers, and about the kind Father (Father Domin, the chaplain of the Benedictines) who prepared you so well, and about your classmates.

While you have Jesus in your heart for the first time, mention the Visitation of Le Mans to him as well, ask your dear Aunt in Heaven to bless you, and to always protect you.

And then, put in a word for Mr. Ducellier, as is appropriate out of gratitude, won’t [v°] you, my dear little one?

I send you a thousand kisses, and feel very moved thinking about the immense happiness that awaits you tomorrow. Ah, my beloved petit Célin, what an incomparable day it will be! Don’t forget that it’s the best of the best days of your life, so that you better appreciate the celestial delights.

Your Pauline who loves you more than her life.

- I could well have forgotten some prayer intentions on my list, these are only the main ones, you know… your heart will dictate you the rest, and in any case if you forget something during Mass, God will listen to you and answer your prayers equally well during Vespers. Therefore, don’t be afraid…

Don’t forget our Uncle from Paris (Amboise Guérin, who died on 4th April), and all our family in general, Mr. and Mrs. Fournet, Mr. and Mrs. Maudelonde, your godfather etc., etc.

[v°tv] Above all recommend yourself to Our Lord, and give him your little heart for always so that He may keep it pure.

As for the Bl. Virgin, she is your Mother, you know that, in fact she is doubly your Mother! Don’t be afraid of asking her for all her protection, and may it be from the bottom of your heart that you pronounce your consecration to God.

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