From Mother Agnès to Céline - Late May (?) 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - Late May (?) 1893.


Darling little Céline, don’t come before ¼ past 3 on Wednesday, we are washing tomorrow.

Please pass on this letter to M. Maudelonde, it would be of service to us.

Do thank Léonie (who had spontaneously added 5 francs to the 25 francs that Céline had promised) for her 5 Fr., it pleased me enormously, we hadn’t any more money!

Thank you my darling petit Célin1 for your delicious piquette (‘fromage frais’, the recipe for which Mother Agnès would soon request), it has made for a real feast in the refectory and I am very proud…

So who gave us the cherries, was it Aunt? [v°] If it was do thank her.

Farewell darling little sister!

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

Jeanne came! I think Marie bothered her but I was delighted that she prevented her from telling us things that could have put us in an awkward situation…

She was very kind and amiable to us.

Mother Marie de Gonzague hit herself hard in the eye yesterday. She wasn’t able to see all day, [v° tv] and was in a lot of pain. Now she can open the eye that is not sick, but the other is red and enflamed. The plank she banged herself on was covered in dust, which went into her eye and she has great difficulty getting rid of it. Well, you can certainly say she is never without bumps or bruises. I’m very miserable.

1 Term of endearment.

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