From Mother Agnès to Céline - June 20 (?), 1893.


From Mother Agnès to Céline - June 20 (?), 1893.


Darling little Céline,


it’s admirable (her painting of the Nativity, intended for the Carmelites’ choir)… Never have you done such a fine painting, we are going to hold a little celebration in order to present it. So don’t come before 3 o’clock. O my darling little sister how good and kind you are! I thank you so much; it is you who brings us all our joy. What a delightful painting, what a masterpiece, [1 v°] the little Jesus looks good enough to eat! The Blessed Virgin is admirable and so reverent!... The shepherds are each lovelier than the next!... The little lamb is delightful! St. Joseph is handsome, humble and pious in his mantle and in the expression on his face, there is nothing so ressemblant as the bullock and donkey, and the wholly dreamy horizon is poetic!


My little Céline, your whole soul is painted in this picture, which brilliantly represents all the movements [2 r°] of the soul and the exquisite sensibility of the heart!...


I had Auguste (Auguste Acard, the Sacristan) place the painting by the cloister door so I could fetch it after Matins. When Mother Marie de Gonzague entered her cell, I went to fetch it, and half an hour later I had the angel Thérèse of the Child Jesus awakened, and she jumped with delight from her bed. She came quickly and found it heavenly.


[2 v°] The lion Marie of the Sacred Heart went to bed roaring with happiness…


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


See you soon my darling little sister (underlined seven times).


Sr. Agnès of Jesus






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