From Mother Agnès to Céline - Summer (?) 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - Summer (?) 1893.


Thank you petit Célin1 for your lovely piquette (‘fromage frais’)… It is a thousand times better than all creams…

I wrote a little note to Marie, but I’ve so little time to myself that I really don’t know what I said to her.

And what about Léonie? Aunt doesn’t mention her in her letter!

Farewell darling little Céline, oh, how proud I am of you!… The last conversation in the visiting room left a wholly celestial balm in my heart!!!

Your little Mother

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

[r°tv] Don’t forget to send me the story about Mira (the Carmel’s cat. On 21st June 1884, Sister Agnès had written a poem featuring the cat and the young pussycat that had joined her).

1 Term of endearment.

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