From Mother Agnès to Céline - May-June (?) 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - May-June (?) 1893.

My petit Célin1,

Thank you so much for the 30 Fr. If only you knew how touched I was!... Oh! How I love you!... What do you think about Marie’s news?... I found Uncle was admirable! It reminded me of Papa…

Farewell my dear little daughter… until you, too, are a prisoner of love in the Carmel, you remind me of St. Sebastian… You seem to still be in the world’s service, but your occupation is to strengthen and visit the martyrs, until you are a martyr yourself.

See you soon, darling petit Célin… Don’t be sad because God approves what you do (Ecc. 9:7).

Your little Mother

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


1 Term of endearment.

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