From Mother Agnès to Céline - Before March 18, 1894.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - Before March 18, 1894. 


Darling petit Célin1,

We can’t believe that the shopkeeper has sent the tuning forks, which we did indeed request, to you. We sent back the first two because the notes were much too high. We never managed to attain them in choir practice (for the psalmody recto tono, usually sung on E or F; the solemn feast days would be sung on G). These are perfect. We have requested two more but we have asked the tradesman to send them directly to us… - Sorry, petit Célin! It’s 4 frs that Saint Anthony is having us find, and I [v°] thank him for it, but I don’t find his method very considerate in this instance… Thank you my darling little Céline… - Send a postal order for 4 frs to the gentleman in order to be all settled up with him!... Our little tuning forks are charming and will do very nicely! We shall sing like Angels.  

Petit Célin, I wrote to Paris for the canvas… Please, don’t be furious, I am so happy!... The pleasure of bringing me so much joy should comfort you.

I love you with all my heart! Have a good Holy Week (from 18th to 24th March; hence the date suggested for this letter), let us be very fervent and very loving Veronicas… Let us wipe our Jesus’ Face.

Your little Mother

Sr. A. of J.

1 Term of endearment.

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