From Mother Agnès to Céline - August 13 (?), 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - August 13 (?), 1893.


Little Céline,

What a lot of difficulties you are having! But fear nothing, put your trust in God, he won’t abandon you just as, for his love, you make the sacrifice of staying alone without Léonie.

Keep a close watch on your maid; in my mind you could convert her. As for the house, we’ll talk about it face to face. Poor petit Célin1, your share is very thorny, but that is why it [v°] is blessed by God.

Farewell, I only have an instant, I have asked Aunt for some tuna for Assumption Day but it’s very expensive, I’m ashamed of it now, what if you proposed to offer it with her. Do thank her for me.

Petit Célin, we are like St. Peter after the Transfiguration. We see but Jesus alone! However, He’s the best, we have no need for Moses or Elijah! May Jesus alone be enough for us in all things and always, and let us seek only Him.

Your little sister and Mother

Agnès of Jesus.

1 Term of endearment.