From Mother Agnès to Céline - September 6, 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - September 6, 1893.


Darling petit Célin1,

I prefer telling you that you will not enter the shrine (for the ceremony of the Taking of the Habit which was to take place the next day), there was some abuse last time (when Thérèse took the habit on 24th September 1890), strangers went all the way up to the altar, the grille was almost demolished, so now the innocent will pay for the guilty. Poor little Marie will be very caught out, and it hurts me to cause you pain… Oh well, sit in the first row near the pulpit, [lv°] I will ask for places to be reserved for you. When discussing the subject, poor Fr. Youf said to me: “But of course your sisters can go in because surely nobody could object. It won’t make anyone jealous, we will simply say: they are the Prioress’ sisters, it’s completely natural.” So I requested that the Virville and de Cornière ladies be allowed to do the same. But he was inflexible. Therefore, my darlings, I don’t want there to be any exceptions on account of you being my sisters.

Mother M. de Gonzague would be [2r°] very surprised and hurt not to see her nieces by the grille knowing you were there…

Céline! The dress is so pretty! Oh! Thank you! My little Marie-Madeleineis also very white and lovely, I am pleased to have my first white dove to present to Jesus tomorrow…

Could I possibly have a few white China asters for the bed in the choir (carpet upon which the novice would prostrate herself, face against the ground and arms stretched out in the form of a cross while everyone chanted Veni Creator), and some asparagus greenery!Bring a first Communion book, mine if it’s not too faded.

And if the weather is fine, will you photograph my [2v°]little daughter in the chapel courtyard? But don’t tell Mother M. de G. that I asked you do to so, she doesn’t know I desire this. Let it be as though it was your idea.

Come at about half past one.

Farewell petit Célin, I send you my love and thank you with all my heart. How happy I would be if Francis came, he would enter the shrine. You know, this is my first daughter; I have a song deep down in my heart, and it is wholly celestial.

1 Term of endearment.

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