From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Céline - October 8 (?), 1893

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Céline. (Extracts)

October 8 (?), 1893


Little Céline, did you receive a letter from Father, the day before yesterday? Each one got a note here (this is not too much in a year). He said he will write you soon!'...

Do not cry! Your soul is in the hands of God, like a beautiful white rose, which must give all its scent to the Creator. Put aside the vain work of painting, that is, do not take up the brush except with detachment of spirit....

Dear little one! Believe us!... It is true, we have given up world­ly ideas.... But we do have light from heaven. And you, too, possess this light, but the atmosphere in which you are living presents more than one mirage, and at times you could think we are the ones who are in darkness....

Darling, you whose soul is like a cloud, a light vapor, a springtime breeze, do not be dissipated, do not mix with the poisoned breath of the world.. .. The world is only folly, only nothing!... Oh! beautiful little dove, fly away, rest in the crevice of the solitary rock which is none other than Jesus living and resting in your heart!

How I love you!!!

Your little Mother who lives on the summits of truth.

Sister Agnes of Jesus

Are you not having a grand dinner today, if I have understood correctly? Well, let my little dove recall the words of St. Teresa, and let her consider in spirit the table of heaven at which the guests are the angels and saints and the nourishment God Himself.. and let her desire ardently to see herself seated at this blessed banquet.

We are on retreat." Thérèse of the Child Jesus kisses HER CÉLINE and Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart and Mother Marie de Gonzague do the same.


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