From Mother Agnès to Céline - December, towards Christmas 1893.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - Towards Christmas 1893.

Little Céline,

I am sending you this pretty little nativity crib; give it to the Lahaye children if you like…  

I am delighted with what I acquired yesterday! I wound up the little dog yesterday evening and unfortunately I saw it jumping in my imagination throughout the service… It was dreadful! I’m looking forward to Christmas, I will nevertheless put the little dog in the alpargate… tell me with how many turns you can give the [v°] mechanism.

For the douilles (unknown foodstuff) or whatever they are called, give me some to taste beforehand. Make sure the prunes are really good ones, at 16 bob for instance because M. Marie de Gonzague buys us nothing but rubbish upon rubbish, as our poor Mother used to say (Mrs. Martin). I would also like the oranges at 2 bob each not to be withdrawn this year.

O my little Céline, you bring me so much joy!... I didn’t fall asleep until half past 1 in the morning last night. Look, I’m just like a child!

Let us prepare our hearts for the Child Jesus!

[v°tv] If you don’t find any dried pears and you have something left of the 50 Frs, I would happily also accept a big sugarloaf. I will put it in the cell opposite Marie’s and the dog in the middle. I would perhaps prefer that to the douilles but don’t buy it from the same shopkeeper, it would seem strange.

I’m already laughing and clapping my hands in anticipation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Mr. Fleury, bookseller, Place St. Ouen in Rouen.

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