From Mother Agnès to Céline - July 20 (?), 1894.

From Mother Agnès to Céline - July 20 (?), 1894. 



Darling little Céline

I’m writing to you to send a letter from M.M. de G. to Marie. I have such little time; people are impinging upon me all around me. Ah! Pray for me!

How well we understand your soul’s unease, my darling. But come now, fear nothing, God is with you all the same and that is the reason why he is making you feel this emptiness. Oh! It’s such a clear sign that he is near you!

[v°] Farewell, darling little sister, when are you coming back? We received a very kind letter from Léonie. Everything is going for the best.

Sr. Th. of the C. J. is no worse but she still has a sore throat every morning and evening at about ½ past 8. It comes on and then she is a bit hoarse. In any case, we are treating her as well as we can (particularly with throat cauterisations using silver nitrate). We are laying waste to the garden in Rue Labbey, hungrily eating beans, mange-tout, carrots, radishes and potatoes. The latter have all surfaced due to the terrible storm that caused the river to flood.

Thank you, petit Célin1, [v°tv] we send you all our love and kisses.

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


1 Term of endearment.

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