From sr Agnes of Jesus to Léonie and Céline - Late January, 1889.

From Agnes of Jesus to Léonie and Céline.

End of January, 1889


My dear little Sisters,


Ah! Thank you! I was very touched by your letters, you are indeed Jesus’ privileged little daughters…

Dear little Céline, always be devoted!. . . Your letter heart­ened me, also Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart and the little lamb. Yes, we have confidence in you. And what blessings are re­served for you! Your task is difficult but so beautiful!.

And you, my little Léonie, take heart, God will not abandon you, he loves you as much as he loves us, but his ways are different, ah, it doesn’t matter provided we do his will. Get well soon, we suffer knowing you are suffering.


Farewell my darlings, your palette is beautiful but your hearts are even more so.  Above all, tell dear little Father to show the photographs only to Uncle and not to tell anyone that M. Gombault photographed the angel. People would believe that he entered the cloister pre­cisely for this, which is not true, since Monseigneur had given him the permission to come with the contractor to see the old house. You can say, in case you are asked, that someone had lent me the apparatus for two or three days. This secret is very important.


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