From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Céline - 1st March 1889.

From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Céline - 1st March 1889.

+ J.M.J.T.


The letter left without me, I was overworked, today I only have a minute but I want to say to you, child of my heart, that I am with you always…

How distressing it is to think that the Holy Patriarch feels everything: it could be that it is superficial but he suffers!... Oh privileged child, you will be accountable for everything, do not lose an iota of the good [1 r°] seed that has been entrusted to you, your harvest will be very abundant, beloved child, and with what crown will our holy papa’s head not be adorned? … ah! How we will one day delight in what breaks us at the moment!...

Dear Marie of the Holy Face (name that Thérèse spontaneously gave to Céline), we are going to pull down the turn’s building, my daughters may already have told you this, and for at least April, May, June and July we will be without the visiting room (there will not be one), I prefer letting you know in case you are able to come [2 r°] before 1st April.

If you intend to grow vegetables at Les Buissonnets, it is time to plant the seeds, my darling.

Do not go to Mr. Vallée’s, he sent me our hook.

Do not forget my little…; if the Saint Vincent Ladies could tell you where to find those good seeds, Sr. Madeleine (Madeleine of the Holy Sacrament) would be most glad to have some: China asters or others, but don’t exceed 1 f.; I want to reimburse you, otherwise I wouldn’t dare ask anything of you.

Your sisters are most edifying, I admit [2 v°] that the dear girls are worthy of their Father! Oh my children, how beautiful heaven will be for the soul able to suffer according to God’s will!!!

We’ve heard nothing from Father (Pichon)! His last letter was dated 7th February! That was a long while ago… we are so overworked that this week’s post left for Canada without us.

Marie Gahéry (a friend of the Carmel, unknown) is leaving for Arizona a week tomorrow; she is going to found a school in the depths of America.

Let us dwell together, Céline, in the heart of the meek Master who is so afflicted with the ingratitude of men.

[2 v° tv] Your Mother who cherishes you very much.

Sr. M. de Gonzague


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