From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 18, 1889.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 18 (?), 1889.

My darling Céline, I’m sending you and Léonie a letter from Sr. Costard. Our poor father! How it moves me to see him enjoying the little sweets you give him. Since the Sister is so at a loss over his dessert, tell her what Papa likes. I believe he would enjoy cherry, plum, and apricot jams. Oh, spare him nothing, let them give him some every day, a little glass of crème de cassis after his meal from time a time; you know how he loves blackcurrant. Céline I’m thinking hard to find something for our dear father. I believe that the special care surrounding him makes his life easier and it’s that which leads him to say: I’m fine here. My darling [v°] God is granting us a grace for if we knew he was unhappy, it would be an even greater martyrdom!

Five months ago the Father said in his only letter this year: “May our hearts adore all of God’s designs!” Yes we must adore them. We don’t know what we’re asking for when we want happiness and glory in this life. Eternal glory is the only thing worthy of us! Ah! How God must love us to be treating us as his chosen ones in this way!
The flowers from La Musse brought incomparable pleasure; Thérèse of the Child Jesus is overjoyed.
Embrace my little Léonie and everyone for me.
M. of the S. Heart
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