From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline October 22, 1889.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline October 22 (?), 1889.

My little Céline,

It’s undoubtedly for your feast day that God is making you empty Les Buissonnets like this (the furniture dispersal had begun in May and time was running out)… yes, it’s for your feast day, for your feast day in Heaven, where he is setting aside imperishable treasures for you in exchange for so many sorrows and tears… You will not regret having drunk from the chalice to the dregs and our momentary sufferings will become a reason for eternal joy. O little darling when I saw this house-move, the old remnants of Les Buissonnets that evoked a thousand memories in me, and poor Tom following the carriages, I couldn’t help but cry. So this is life!! [v°] What a lesson!! If we don’t become saints, I don’t know what God could invent to better educate us. Ah! He has done everything to prevent us from messing things up. We can say he moved heaven and earth. Beloved little sister, let us not complain of our lot because we must be among Jesus’ chosen ones to have inherited his cross like this. Afterwards we will inherit his glory and one day we shall see our dear father in heaven enjoy unending happiness. Oh! How light his sorrows will seem to him then.

I love you as my darling little daughter.

M. of the S. Heart.

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