From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - March 17, 1890.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - March 17, 1890.
Darling little Céline,

Our Mother has allowed me to write you a tiny note (despite it being Lent, during which time one did not write) to tell you not to buy lettuce for us for a while, because we have some in the garden at the moment that is ready to be picked. If instead of lettuce you wanted to give me some barley sugar canes or if you can’t find any a little apple sugar in honour of the anniversary of my Taking of the Habit (on 19th March) I would be very pleased.

My petit Célin1, I often think of you and I’m proud of my little daughter. But I believe Jesus is even more proud of her and congratulates himself for not having spared her the [v°] cross. Ah! We can see it as proof of his love all we like; we will only know its full value in heaven… The day will finally come when earth’s shadows shall flee (Sg. 4:6) and make way for the eternal sun…… Then we’ll understand!!
Then, darling little sister, all the centuries won’t be enough for us to bless our trial.
God will have withdrawn our darling father from the crucible of suffering and we with him, and as gold comes out of the crucible a thousand times more beautiful (Sg. 3:6), so will our souls also enjoy a thousand treasures that they wouldn’t have known if they had never suffered.
Let’s take heart. Jesus will one day wipe all the tears from our eyes. (Rev. 21:4)Yours for life

Sr. M. of the S. Heart
[v° tv] Do give little Léonie my love.
[r°tv] You know we can eat neither cakes nor cream. It’s pointless sending us anything for St. Joseph’s day, except for my sweets.

1 Term of endearment.

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