From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - May 10, 1890.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - May 10, 1890.


Darling Céline,

If this little note doesn’t reach you, complain to Thérèse of the Child Jesus. She assured me I was wrong and that you weren’t to be in Lourdes until next week. I’m sorry about this misadventure, I would have been liked you to receive a note from us in Lourdes. Well, at random, I say: pray for us!...
Remember that we, too, made this journey, with sorry-hearts, with our dear mother who was so sick, and that the Blessed Virgin did not heal her. It was undoubtedly for the good of us all… You, also, carry a broken heart to Lourdes my Céline, and it’s even more bruised, if that’s possible, than mine was thirteen years ago!...
But it was Jesus’ hand that bruised it and his hand is guided only by his heart… that says everything… As the Blessed Virgin said to Bernadette: I do not promise to make you [v°1] happy on earth, but in heaven! She is saying the same thing to you. Let’s keep our joys for the fatherland!... Does the traveler stop and become attached to the countries across which he travels and in which he spends but an instant! Is he not aggrieved by many difficulties on the road, and does he not have the goal of his quest to encourage him in his great weariness? Farewell my darling, heaven is well worth all our sorrows and strife, and moreover it is given to us for nothing. If you want to buy something for the Father, try and find a luminous image: it’s a little black card the size of an ordinary photograph on which stands out the Blessed Virgin and at night it emits a little light.
If you wanted, you could also bring one back for a sister who would very much like one.
Your little Mother’s heart is all yours. (Céline had chosen Marie to be her ‘little Mother’ on 29th August 1877).

M. of the S. Heart

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