From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - October 13, 1890.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - October 13, 1890.


Dear little Céline,

I ask the Heart of Jesus to repay you for your devotion. To accompany Léonie you have gone all the way to Paray. I hope the Divine Heart will shower you with his graces there. Pray for the good of us all, especially for poor Father. Ah! ask him to take pity on him. It seems to me that when one addresses his Heart, He cannot refuse us. You also know that this Heart is the Father’s great devotion (Father Pichon): it must be doubly dear to you. I think that [1 v°] our Mother gave you my message. If you brought back a few small pictures on which there is a cross made of the wood of the hazelnut tree from the vision, I believe it would please him. When Mrs. Danion went there she gave me one and I still have it.

Whatever you do, my petit Célin1, take care of yourself. If you died I would be so, so upset. Our Mother said you looked pale and that worries me (Céline had heart trouble).
Poor petit Célin! I can still see you walking on top of our Mother’s desk, attempting your first steps. To think that now you do your share in the battle of life and what a share it is!...
[2 r°] The Heart of the good Master did not give it to you regretfully; he treated you as a generous soul and has never had occasion to be sorry for it. O my darling little Sister, it seems to me that upon seeing you two poor little orphans come, in spite of everything, to bring him your love and your tear-filled hearts, He won’t be able to stop himself from bringing his gaze to rest favourably upon you. Did he not make your heart in the image of his own? The Father described it to us at the beginning of our trial as follows: “all crowned with thorns with a big cross planted in the centre.” [2 v°] As long as this life lasts, let’s stay in the shadow of the cross; it will be so good having it as a shelter and shield on the last day.

See you soon darling little sister. At the feet of the Sacred Heart don’t forget Marie of the Sacred Heart and the only grace I ask for is that I don’t fail to reach my life’s goal, which is to become holy. Which is quite a costly endeavour but one that I must succeed at all costs.

I send you my love and kisses,

M. of the S. H.

1 Term of endearment.

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